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Future Squared with Steve Glaveski

Feb 23, 2016

‍In this podcast, we catch up with Annie Fergusson, change facilitator and founder of airEDU, a platform she is designing and building to resolve challenges in the higher education marketplace.

Higher ed institutions are like large enterprise organisations - they are bound by bureaucracy, systems, values and a wider ecosystem that inhibits their ability to move quickly. 

As such, we touch on a lot of topics that should be of interest to any innovation and education enthusiast, such as:

- Modularisation and practical education

- What's broken with higher ed?

- MOOcs

- Philosophy

- The pace of change and whether Universities can keep up

- The T-shaped student

- Resilience and preparing for personal disruption by teaching transferable skills, not job-centric skills

- The role universities can play in enterprise innovation

- The role universities will play going forward

If you'd like to contact Annie ping her on linkedin @

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