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Future Squared with Steve Glaveski

Oct 26, 2019

Find out more about my new kids book, Lemonade STand: From Idea to Entrepreneur:


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Oct 23, 2019

Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor and investor. Marc was co-founder of Netflix, serving as their founding CEO, as the executive producer of their web site, and as a member of their board of directors.

Marc recently released his book, That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the...

Oct 16, 2019

Don Wettrick is the President and Founder of StartedUP, an organization dedicated to help transform the school culture toward innovation and enable student-led entrepreneurship.

He’s also Innovation Coordinator at Noblesville High School, and author of "Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time...

Oct 12, 2019

Kale Brock is an award nominated writer, filmmaker and speaker.

He’s the author of several books, including The Gut Healing Protocol, The Art Of Probiotic Nutrition, and Mandy Microbe’s Big Gut Adventure.

In his second documentary, The Longevity Film, Kale travels to the world’s ‘blue zones’, longevity...

Oct 9, 2019

Blake J. Harris is the bestselling author of Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation, which is currently being adapted into a mini-series by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

He’s also the author of History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality.

But we...