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Future Squared with Steve Glaveski - Helping You Navigate a Brave New World.

Feb 21, 2022

Ben Fairbank is the CEO and Founder of RFOX, a web3 platform on a mission to empower everyone to play, create and earn in an immersive metaverse without borders.

RFOX is a team of 100 builders creating a metaverse that acts as a platform connecting whitelabel services in one central hub. Businesses and creators can tap into tools for finance, gaming, VR, NFTs, e-commerce and retail and market to a ready-made audience of users.


In this conversation, we unpack:

  • Ben’s origin story
  • Ben’s definition of the metaverse
  • How far away virtual reality mass adoption really is
  • Interoperability in the metaverse
  • Hiring for web3 projects
  • The shifting capital raising landscape
  • Taking the time to get things right versus rushing out the door 
  • Tokenomics and new incentive mechanisms
  • How web3 contributors and users become the new sales and marketing team
  • How token economies can redefine the media landscape
  • What Ben thinks about what critics think might be negative social consequences of spending a lot of time in the metaverse
  • Ben’s views on pure decentralization 
  • And so much more…


With that, enjoy my conversation with Ben Fairbank.


Show Notes: