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Feb 25, 2017

Omar Zenhom attended Wharton business school and dropped out in frustration to build The $100 MBA. Previously an educator & university manager for 13 years, the $100MBA organisation is on a mission to revolutionise business education.

Omar is also hosts the podcast of the same name which now boasts well over 800 episodes and previously won the Best of iTunes award! He is also co-founder of Webinar Ninja which he has scaled from zero to over $2.6m a year (as of mid-2016, I elude to this probably being much more today during the show) without raising a single dollar of funding, which I think a lot of startups can learn a huge lesson from.


Topics Covered:

- Omar’s love for 80’s music

- Is a traditional MBA worth it or is it just a time machine?

- Drawing on Omar's 13 years in academia and the challenges facing today's fundamentally broken education system

- How talent and great ideas don't come close to guaranteeing success in entrepreneurship and how it's all about implementation and resilience

- How to dig yourself out of rough patches and what entrepreneurs call the 'trough of despair'

- The importance of having a supportive partner and wider circle of influence

- Whether immigrants and their children make great entrepreneurs

- The $100MBA and Webinar Ninja

- Omar's Podcast

- Building a startup without sourcing funding and how funding can be both a blessing at times, but more often than not for early stage entrepreneurs, a curse

- Why it's important to get a taste for every job in your company before outsourcing or delegating it


Show Notes:

1) The $100 MBA website -

2) The $100 MBA podcast -

3) Webinar Ninja -

4) Omar on Twitter:



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