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Future Squared with Steve Glaveski - Helping You Navigate a Brave New World.

Oct 31, 2017

Collective Campus recently announced the AsiaPac’s first virtual and augmented reality startup accelerator, the Village Roadshow Xperience Accelerator, in collaboration with Microsoft.

We’re big believers in the value and power of combining startup grit, speed and experimentation with the core assets, access and scale of a large company so we’ll be scouting Australia wide looking for 8 to 10 entertainment startups using VR or AR to change the face of entertainment.

To celebrate and raise awareness, we hosted launch nights in both Melbourne and Sydney last week. Our Melbourne event drew well over 120 people and a fun evening was had by all, made all the more fun by augmented reality enabled popcorn boxes which when scanned revealed Marty McFly being eaten by an CGI shark in 1989’s Back To The Future, which served as one of the movie’s many accurate predictions of the future.

Collective Campus co-founder Sean Qian, who you might remember from some of the early episodes of Future Squared, hosted a panel on the evening to discuss emerging trends in the mixed reality sector and how it will enhance the entertainment industry. The panel was made up of Jon Satterly, Chief Digital Officer at Village Roadshow and former head of Roadrunner Records Australia, Lawrence Crumpton, Microsoft’s HoloLens Evangelist and Tony Simmons, CEO and Founder of Mrktplace Ventures.

If you couldn’t make it then you’re in luck because that conversation is the focus of today’s episode. For more information on the Xperience Accelerator head to

So with that, strap yourself in, arm yourself with some popcorn and enjoy an enlightening conversation on the future of entertainment.

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Xperience Accelerator:

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