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Future Squared with Steve Glaveski

Nov 18, 2017

Alison Stratten is co-author of 4 best selling business books, co-owner of UnMarketing Inc and co-host of The UnPodcast - the other half of that co, her husband Scott, who was named one of the Top 5 Social Media Influencers in the world by

Alison’s books include QR Codes Kill Kittens, UnSelling, UnMarketing and the newly released UnBranding: 100 Branding Lessons for the Age of Disruption.


The book provides lessons from 100 branding stories that will challenge your assumptions about business today and teach valuable, actionable lessons.


Expect to learn three things in this episode, including:


  1. The number one questions executives and founders need to ask themselves before innovating
  2. How to stand out from the crowd in a world where marketing messages are around every corner
  3. The importance of trust in building and maintaining your audience


Topics Discussed:

  • Meeting her husband on Twitter!
  • The definition of branding
  • What Alison’s new book, UnBranding, brings to the world that other business books don’t
  • Lessons on positive and negative branding from United Airlines, Gatorade and Patagonia
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Why you should build your personal brand
  • How to maintain relevance in an age of fast changing consumer behaviour and taste
  • The number one question you should answer before innovating
  • The importance of trust in building and maintaining your audience


Show Notes:

  1. Alison’s company:
  2. Alison on Twitter:
  3. Facebook group:

UnBranding on Amazon:



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