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Future Squared with Steve Glaveski - Helping You Navigate a Brave New World.

Nov 12, 2016

Justin Lokitz is an experienced strategy consultant and business designer who is responsible for the Business Models Inc. office in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, CA USA. He supports organizations by getting teams to think broadly and expansively about their own strategies and business models. Using his power to connect-the-dots, Justin has an impressive ability to get organizations thinking like start-ups and industry disrupters. What’s more through his expert facilitation skills, Justin has a proven track record
of guiding organizations to ‘aha’ moments.

With 15+ years of experience of managing products and business model strategies for large, multi-national corporations, like Autodesk and Oracle, as well as small start-ups, Justin leverages his experience across a wide range of industry sectors to help large companies think, innovate and design more like start-ups, while helping start-ups find sustainable business models. Whether he is helping teams innovate, scale new products, or create sustainable strategies for the future, Justin does so by making strategy design
an engaging experience.

Justin holds a BA in Environmental Science and Geography,
from University of California Santa Barbara, a MBA in Design Strategy, from California College of the Arts, as well as professional certifications in software development and product management, from University of California Berkeley.


Topics Discussed:

- Design a better business book

- 20 different tools in the book

- Using the tools that suit your business

- Ideation tools

- Developing and writing a business book using design

- The challenges of getting companies to become innovative

- Becoming partners in business and speaking to your

- The unwillingness of large companies to accept uncertainty

- Using reports and data in the right ways to back a

- Looking longterm and scaling

- Understanding your customers (Blog post link below)


Show Notes:

Business Models Inc -

The Book -

Justin's Linkedin -

Justin's Twitter -

The book on Amazon -

3 simples ways to understand your customers and win -…ers-and-win/ 

Eric Ries' Longterm Stock Exchange -…-term-stock-exchange/


Books mentioned by Steve:

Value Proposition Design -
Business Model Generation -


Tools Mentioned:

Google Sprint methodology -



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