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Future Squared with Steve Glaveski - Helping You Navigate a Brave New World.

Sep 10, 2020

In this special rebroadcast episode, we go back into the archives for a conversation on the philosophy of Stoicism, and on focusing on what you can control - something of central importance in these trying times of COVID-19.

Massimo Pigliucci is a Professor of Philosophy at the City University of New York. His research is concerned with philosophy of science, the relationship between science and philosophy, and the nature of pseudoscience.

He received a Doctorate in Genetics from the University of Ferrara in Italy, a PhD in Botany from the University of Connecticut, and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Tennessee. He has published over a hundred technical papers and several books. 

Prof. Pigliucci has been awarded the prestigious Dobzhansky Prize from the Society for the Study of Evolution. He has been elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science "for fundamental studies of genotype by environmental interactions and for public defense of evolutionary biology from pseudoscientific attack."

In the areas of outreach and critical thinking, Prof. Pigliucci has published in national magazines such as Skeptic, Skeptical Inquirer, Philosophy Now, and The Philosopher's Magazine, among others. He has also been elected as a Consultant for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. 

Pigliucci penned the wildly successful "Rationally Speaking" blog and podcast ( and maintains a blog - the namesake of his latest book -  called How to be a Stoic.

Towards the end of the show we started chatting about genetically modified and AI augmented humanity which will form the basis of another chat with Massimo in the future, but for now, please enjoy my conversation on Stoicism and how it can help you in your personal and professional life with the one, the only...Massimo Pigliucci.

Topics Discussed:

  • The intersection of philosophy and science
  • Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius
  • How Stoicism can help us lead better professional and personal lives
  • Stoicism in the workplace
  • Does being Stoic make you emotionless?
  • Silicon Valley’s Stoicism movement
  • Living a life of virtue
  • The decoupling of consciousness and intelligence
  • Are human feelings just algorithms

Show Notes:

  1. Twitter:
  2. Rationally Speaking blog:
  3. How to be a Stoic blog:
  4. Footnotes to Plato blog:

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