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Future Squared with Steve Glaveski

Apr 8, 2018

Brian Ardinger is the founder of NXXT, the podcast, and the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit. For over 25 years Brian has been helping entrepreneurs and enterprises navigate and compete in a world of change and disruption. He has led efforts with startups and corporations to engage the latest trends, tools, and tactics to accelerate innovation, launch new ideas, and build better products.

Before NXXT, Brian founded the seed-stage accelerator NMotion and co-founded the corporate innovation consultancy Econic. He served as Chief Marketing Officer at Nanonation working with some of the best brands in the world including Apple, Pepsi, Target, Nike, and Harley-Davidson.

Brian has worked in Silicon Valley and Asia where he built out the consulting practice for Gartner and led the creation of Asia’s first dedicated customer experience lab as director of research at Ion Global, a Hong Kong-based technology firm.

He is currently involved in driving the Midwest's innovation ecosystem through initiatives such as the Rise of the Rest, StartupWeek, Lean Startup Circle, PIPELINE Entrepreneurs, and the JumpStart Challenge.


Expect to learn more about:

  1. The startup and corporate innovation ecosystem in America’s midwest
  2. Whether the types of ideas and innovations coming out of the midwest differ from that of say, Silicon Valley
  3. How the startup ecosystem in general is seeing a shift away from low hanging fruit B2C products to bigger problems rooted in traditional industry
  4. What it takes to get conservative investors to invest in early stage startups
  5. Why corporates should partner with startups


So with that, I bring you, Brian Ardinger.


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